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Jeep Place is a life-long resident of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Growing up on Hilton Head Island, SC, Jeep developed a keen understanding of the importance of the tourism industry to the local economy as well as its potential for improvement when commitment to customer service is paramount. As a result, after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1990, Jeep utilized his entrepreneurial spirit to open, operate and manage several successful businesses on Hilton Head Island and in the Charleston area. His business acumen and commitment to customer service eventually resulted in the 1995 founding of one of the most successful restaurant/nightclubs in Hilton Head Island history which is still in operation today.

In 2003, Jeep entered the transportation industry in the Charleston area. Primarily focusing on transports to and from Kiawah Resort, Jeep met, entertained and provided transportation services to the nation's elite. From Ernie Els to Jimmy Buffett, - Jim Cantore to John Mayer,- Jeep met and assisted them all. Heads of State, CEO's, United States Congressmen and multiple celebrities have sought out and received Jeep's services. The reason for this is simple: Jeep and the other drivers for Charleston Limousine and Shuttle Service provide the dependability and flexibility to meet the needs of its customers - whenever and whatever they may be.

If you go any to any restaurant, hotel or service related business in the area and ask the proprietor if they know "Jeep" chances are the answer will be "yes". Jeep has been a popular fixture in the Lowcountry all of his life and has many friends and family in the area. All who know him know him well. He has a proven track record in the Lowcountry of over twenty years of committed service in the hospitality and transportation industries - and if old fashioned southern hospitality and dependable service is what you seek in your transportation company, call Jeep at (843) 566-3238.

We look forward to serving your transportation needs.

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Charleston Limousine and Shuttle Service is dedicated to providing luxury transports in and around the Lowcountry of South Carolina and, when necessary, beyond.

While providing all essential transportation services, we pride ourselves in going the proverbial "extra mile" for our customers. It is for this reason that our drivers have provided services for many politicians, celebrities and Wall Street executives over the years. A short list of memorable customers include:

~ Ernie Els
PGA Tour Pro

~ Jimmy Buffett

~John Mayer
Grammy-award winning artist

~ Jim Cantore
Meteorologist, Weather Channel

~ Jim Gagne
Producer of Weather Channel

~ CEOs
American Express, Citicorp, Union Pacific, Nissan

~ State Governors

~ U.S. Congressmen

Testimonials are interspersed throughout our website.

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